Human and Organizational Development

Leadership Development: Process of development for current and potential leaders who wish to inspire a new vision, move people, align with strategies and build trust.

Managers Development: Development and use of strategic, relational and integrative competences by the executive team and managers.

Team Development: Strengthening of team integration through synergy of differences and co-accountability for common purposes.

Workshops: Offered in-company and prepared especially for each reality and learning purpose.

Competences and Culture

Competences: The core of the model is the mapping of strategic, collective and individual competences, as well as the development of learning processes focusing on competence performance.

Culture: We make a diagnosis that enables the understanding of the cultural identity and its impacts on the system; integration of competences, managerial profiles and culture; understanding of mental models, counterculture and agents of transculturality.

Assessment: We work with an array of development and assessment tools that contribute to self-knowledge through the identification of strengths and weaknesses; clarity on critical variables that interfere in goal achievement; development of mobility.


We are pioneers

Since 1995, when some strategies for human and organizational development were still new to some organizations, Interação dedicated time and resources to promote the best solutions. We were pioneers in various international coaching certifications. Maintaining our roots as voluntary leaders, we engage in further professionalizing coaching in Brazil.

We are intrigued

We search for cutting-edge knowledge, we drink from the source in order to deeply know new concepts and tools, and turn them into solutions applicable to each client´s reality.

We create cutting-edge solutions

We focus on each new challenge so as to create distinct and effective solutions. We believe in possibilities and promote constant innovation in our practices.





Among the Best Companies to Work for (+ 8 times awarded by Guia VOCÊ S/A).

Co-creation of a participating and engaging environment with the Rector's team. Development of a leadership role that urges teams for innovation and synchronicity.

- Think collectively and take stands with systemic relevance.
- Consonance of thoughts, behaviors and actions.

Expected outcomes
- Strengthening of group synergy to transform paradigms

Contribution of Interação Consultoria
Team Coaching

Outcomes perceived by client
- Openness to integrate and relate
- Joy with outcomes from the group union and integration
- Reliability in the group with integration of differences
- Shared feelings of involvement and innovation
- Team leadership

Outcomes of the management
- For more than 8 years in a row among the Best Companies to Work for (Guia VOCÊ S/A)
- Considerable increase of students taking the University Entrance Examination


World leader, + 55 countries, 388 thousand employees
+ 1.5 million meals/day in Brazil

- Changes and transition of the CEO/Brazil
- Different perceptions on the regional situation
- Year closed with outcomes below the Budget in the regional branch
- World crisis significantly impacting the food sector, with the ripple effect of reduced number of employees/meals at the major clients

- The company intensified the restructuring process, and reduced the number of Regional Directors from 9 to 4, making transformation of reality by the client more challenging - Director of South Region.

Outcomes expected
- Business outcomes, by developing executive competences.

Contribution of Interação Consultoria
- Executive Coaching: focus of coaching program: proactive and transforming attitude aiming at outcomes.

Outcomes perceived by client
- Strategic Management
- Focus and Proactivity
- Team Management
- Transforming leadership
- Communication
- Management of Relationship with Clients
- Management of outcomes

Outcomes of Management
Even with the impact of the world crisis, the South Region Branch was the only one to stick to the budget, and to reach the outcomes during coaching, and the year after it.


Among the Best Companies to Work for (+ 10 times awarded by Guia VOCÊ S/A).

Executive team realized the need for:
- Designing integrated strategies
- Decentralizing decisions by providing more autonomy.

- New aligned strategic vision for the directors' board
- Broadening of management competence levels.

Outcomes expected
- Sustainable growth from the synergy of strategies, processes and individuals.
- Business acknowledged by stakeholders.

Contribution from Interação Consultoria
2004- New strategic vision of the business environment and executive management
2005 - Mapping of Strategic and Managerial Competences
2006 - Making structure appropriate to competences
2007 - Developing competences of the executive directors
2008 - Developing competences of managers

Outcomes perceived by client
- Development of an integrated management culture
- Integration of the executive team, with bigger commitment, leadership and interdepartmental cooperation
- Alignment of business strategies with the competences
- Business strategies and competences guiding the practices of human development.

Outcomes of the management (2004-2008)
+45% clients
+ 169% revenue
Sustainable business growth from the synergy of individual competence (proven by the award given for more than 10 years in a row as the Best Companies to Work For (Guia VOCÊ S/A).




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